Rules of Conduct


1. Children should come to school on time. If they are marked late more than three times, they will be sent home.

2. Children should not be sent to school if they are unwell, or within the quarantine period of any infectious illness. Please keep them at home till they have recovered completely. If a boy leaves school after a test, the paper will be cancelled.

3. The school diary has a page that must be filled in whenever a child is absent and presented to the class teacher.

4. The diary should be checked and signed everyday for any instructions that may have been given and for homework as well. Please check the Remarks pages regularly.

5. All books, text and exercise, need to be covered with brown paper as supplied. Please check your child’s exercise books regularly and sign all corrections once they have been completed.

6. If you wish to meet any teacher please write a note to the teacher concerned, to fix an appointment. Teachers cannot meet parents while they are taking a class.

7. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any expensive item that the child brings to class. These, therefore, should not be brought to school.

8. The school is very particular about regular attendance. If you wish to take leave, it is necessary that a written application for leave be handed in to the Principal, at least two weeks in advance. If you are going for a marriage, please enclose a copy of the wedding invitation. If going abroad, please enclose a copy of the visa/ticket.

9. Younger children should carry a spare set of clothes (in a plastic bag) in case it becomes necessary for them to change.

10. The person who will collect the child from school, must carry the child’s identity card everyday. The child will not be dismissed without this card being shown to the class teachers.

 11. No corrections will be made after answer scripts have been returned to the boys once the marks are recorded.


Uniforms :

The wearing of school uniform is compulsory, Details are as follows:

i)      2 white shirts (short sleeved), 2 white shirts (full sleeved) with school monogram.

ii)     2 Navy blue shorts (Nursery to Class IV), 2 Navy blue long trousers (Classes V to XII)

iii)    2 pairs Navy blue socks

iv)    Black shoes with laces (Classes Nur. to XII)

v)     School tie-available at Rahman Reasonable Stores (Classes Trans, upwards only)

vi)    Navy blue sleeveless or sleeved V necked pullover in winter (Available at Rahman Reasonable Stores)

Classes V to XII have grey trousers and dark blue blazers as winter uniform.

vii)   P.T./Yoga Uniform: House Colour T-Shirt, track-pant.

viii) White cotton apron for Classes XI & XII (Science)

ix) Uniform may be purchased from M/s Rahman Reasonable Stores, (Treasure Island) Shop No. 117, 118 1st Floor, 3, Madge Lane, Kolkata-700 016

As the school is particular about the regulation shade of navy blue shorts/trousers, these should be purchased only from the above named supplier who alone has the mandated fabric (brand and colour shade code). The same applies for the (Prefects') winter uniform.



Promotion Criteria

Classes I to IV as specified in the school report.

Classes V to VII 40% in English and 45% in the aggregate.


Class VIII

1. At least 40% in English (Average of English Language and English Literature)

2. At least 40% in ANY THREE of the following :

a. Mathematics

b. Second language

c. Science (Average of Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

d. History, Geography (average of these two subjects)


Please Note: 3rd Language  Examination in Classes VI, VII and VIII will be graded.


Class IX 35% marks in English and 4 other subjects (of which 2 must be core subjects of the stream) and a pass grade in SUPW.


Class XI 40% marks in English and 3 other subjects (of which 2 must be core subjects of the stream) and a pass grade in SUPW.


N.B. -The following conditions strictly apply:

(i)  A minimum of 90% attendance in the year.

(ii) Promotion in Classes V to IX and XI is decided on the whole year’s work :

The School may not keep on its rolls, pupils who are two years above the average age of the class.

Please note that since reports are computerized rectification of marks of one student may change the rank of all students, which may result in a different rank in a previous terms result shown in the report card.

Use of Unfair means during Examinations: Candidates who have either copied from other candidates or given opportunity to other candidates to copy from them, or communicated dishonestly with other candidates or found guilty of bringing answer sheets or substituting answer scripts will have their results in the examination as a whole cancelled.

Answer scripts of all examinations including the final examination are returned to pupils. Pupils must check for any errors in the script and clear all doubts before the marks are taken down. Once a script is given away no alteration in marks will be made.


The commencement dates of all ‘Terminal’ and ‘Rehearsal’ examinations, as well as, ‘Internal Assessments’ are given in the school diary. The timetable for each will be given sufficiently in advance. Parents are requested to kindly note down these dates. Absence during the examination / assessment period due to indisposition or unavoidable circumstances would be unfortunate, however, no re-test / special test can be administered, nor any adjustment of marks be done.

Parents are reminded that if a candidate is absent for any ‘paper’ or part of a paper of a subject, which includes all file / project work in Internal Assessment in the I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. Examinations the Council will consider the candidate’s appearance in the said examination as “incomplete” and declare his results as failed (PCNA- Pass Certificate Not Awarded).

Selection of Stream: Option Forms will be sent to parents towards the end of class VIII and X for selection of stream for the I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. Selection will be on merit. While every effort will be made to accommodate the choice exercised; the same cannot be guaranteed in all cases. The school will not assign any reason for noncompliance with regard to stream accommodated. Registration for the I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. examinations is done in class IX and XI respectively.

Pass Criteria: In Classes IX, X, XI & XII a pupil must pass in at least two of the core subjects of the stream he is in, in addition to securing a minimum of 40% in English.

In I.C.S.E. all candidates have to register and appear for a total of six subjects (which includes the compulsory subjects of English, Second Language, History/Civics & Geography), no candidate is permitted to drop a subject or part of it. In the I.S.C. the candidates register for five or six subjects (which must include the compulsory one i.e. English). Once the registration is sent to the Council no change in the choice of subjects or dropping subject(s) is permitted subsequently, unless a candidate is repeating a year in class IX or XI.

Admission to class XI: Pupils of St. James School will get first priority in admission to XI; however, the same cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The school may, in the overall interest of discipline, deny admission to any pupil it deems necessary.


School Timing :

Nursery :                8.30 – 11.45 a.m.

Transition :             7.30 - 12 noon

Classes I & II :       7.30 - 12.30 p.m.

Classes III & IV:     7.30 - 1.15 p.m.

Classes V to X :      7.30 - 1.15 p.m.

Classes XI & XII:    7.30 - 2:00 p.m.

The school may change the timing for internal adjustments to enable us to practice for Sports, Founders' Day etc.


Extra Tuition :

Extra tuition classes for certain children who require special attention in special subjects can be arranged. The employment of private tutors is not recommended by the school. All arrangements for private tuition from the school staff must be done through the Principal. Any violation of the rule would mean removal of the boy from the school.


Co-curricular Activities :

Participation in the co-curricular activities of the school is compulsory. Exemption may be granted by the Principal only in special cases on the written request of the parent. 

The school makes provision for cricket, hockey, football, basketball, rugby, athletics, table tennis etc. in their respective seasons. Other activities include Scouts & Cubs, chess, debating, drama, quiz, Interact ,Nature,  Jagoran, Aalok, Film & IT, Cookery, Art club. All these activities are supervised by the staff. The School Magazine “THE JACOBEAN” is published annually.

Swimming and water sports/games have been introduced in 2012. Parents are requested to caution their wards from going into the water if they do not know swimming.

Co-curricular marks have been introduced in 2012.

Co-curricular marks will be reflected in the Final Term report card. 

Text Books and Stationery:

Text books and stationery should be purchased according to the Book List issued from the stockist authorised by the school. Pupils should have all their books at the start of the session.


Discipline :

i) Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual late coming, disobedience or objectionable behavior of any kind may result in the removal of a boy from the school.

ii) School property damaged or destroyed by the pupil will be required to be made good in identical replacement or paid in full by cash.

iii) Personal grooming is important in our school. Boys who sport long hair and/or grow facial hair will be taken to task. A barber will be called on the day of inspection. All precautions will be taken with regard to hygiene and safety. Disposable razors will be used. 

Any student scoring a 'D' or an 'E' will not be given promotion on the ground of indiscipline.

iv) Junior School

 Parents must sign diaries and homework daily and ensure corrections are up-to-date.

v) Attendance :

a) In addition to satisfying the academic standard a pupil will have to put in 90% of the attendance to justify promotion. No pupil will be promoted to X and XII with less than 75% attendance. Likewise a candidate’s name will be sent to the Council if his percentage of attendance is less than 75% in IX, X or XI, XII respectively. Parents must check the attendance given in the report card. School bears no responsibility for any decision taken by the Council (C.I.S.C.E.) barring candidates from appearing in the I.C.S.E./ I.S.C. Examinations.

b) When a pupil has been absent an entry must be made in the Leave Record page of the School Diary and explanation provided.

c) Pupils who are absent for more than one month without intimation are liable to have their names struck off the school rolls.

d) Medical certificates are necessary in cases of illness for three days or more.

e) Pupils affected with infectious diseases must complete the quarantine period before rejoining school. In such cases a medical fitness certificate must be produced.

f) Parents/Guardians are requested to refer to the School Calendar regarding terminal holidays in planning the vacations. Requests for leave of absence prior to the official closing date of the school will not be entertained and such absence will be viewed seriously.

g) If a pupil is unwell he should not be sent to school under any circumstances. Also appointments with doctors must not be made during the school hours as the child will not be permitted to leave school. If a child falls sick, the parents must come personally to accompany the child home.

h) Pupils absent for grades/tests will not be retested.

i) Punctuality in attendance is essential. The School gate will be closed at 7.35 a.m. on every working day. Late comers(3 times or more) will have to return home.

j) Much stress is laid on personal cleanliness and smartness in turn out. A strict check is kept on the general appearance of the pupil, and pupils who are untidily dressed or in faulty uniform are liable to be sent home.

k) Pupils are subject to school discipline not only in the school compound but also while coming from and returning to their homes and at other public places.

l) Applications on behalf of pupils for attending marriages or other religious functions outstation, should reach the Principal two weeks prior to the ceremony and should have the written sanction of the Principal. Applications, with a copy of the invitation card, received later than two weeks before the ceremony will not be accepted.

m)  Pupils must not be absent on the first and last day of a term.


General : Please strictly follow the Rules below

i) In all correspondence with the school, parents/guardians should mention the full name of the pupil together with the class and section in which he is studying and addressed only to the Principal, St. James’ School. Anonymous/unsigned letters will not be entertained.

ii) Any change of address should be promptly notified to the school.

iii) Parents/Guardians may not go to the classes to see their children/wards, meet the teachers during school hours. They may arrange to see their children only through the Principal’s office and not directly. An appointment with the teacher must be made through the office.

iv) Pupils should not bring valuables to the school. The school is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. No student is allowed to carry a mobile phone to school. If found it will be confiscated and returned after the boy leaves school with a transfer certificate or at the end of the academic year. Parents have to come and collect personally.

v) The Principal is available for interviews with parents from Monday to Friday by appointment only.

vi) Presents to the staff or demonstrations in their honour are not permitted. Collections for any purpose whatsoever can only be made with the permission of the Principal.

vii) Pupils are not permitted to leave the school during school hours without special permission from the Principal. If a boy falls sick the school will inform his residence and either parent must come and take him. No driver can take back sick children.

viii) No food-stuff may be purchased by the pupils from vendors outside the school gate. The school canteen provides clean, reasonably priced snacks.

ix) Escorts’ permits are issued to parents/guardians of pupils from Nursery to Class IV, Full responsibility in conveying the children to and from the school rests with the parents/guardians.

x) Parents of children in the Junior School are requested to collect their wards on time so as to avoid inconvenience to the school.

xi) The school regrets its inability to take cognizance of any appeal, petition or complaint which bears no name(s) or signature.

xii) For all attestation of photographs, the pupil must be in school uniform in the photograph.

xiii) Photographs for name/class ID cards must have a current photograph in uniform.