Documentary on ‘Life in School’ – Mr. Arindam Sil Nothing Beyond Cinema Currently on
Prefects’ Investiture Tuesday 8th July 2014
Thanksgiving Day Friday 11th July 2014
Junior School Founder's day Wednesday 23rd July
2-14 middle school Founders day Thursday 24th July
Senior school Founders day Friday 25th July
Inauguration-Ecclesiastical Founders’ Day: A Special Inaugural / Founders’ Day Service in St. James’ Church. Friday 25th July 2014
Past vs Prefect Football Match Friday 25th July 2014, 3.30 pm
Sesquicentenary Founders’ Day Dinner in honour of Past Principals and Retired Teachers. Friday 25th July 2014, 8.00 pm
Bishop Middleton Inter Alumni Quiz Friday 26th September 2014
Secular Inauguration (School Grounds): Chief Guest: The President of India. 
An impressive cultural programme on the school grounds in the evening.
Nov. 2014 (Saturday 22nd)*
Symposium: Panel Discussion by eminent personalities Nov 2014 (Monday 24th)*
Inter-Alumni Cricket Tournament Monday 8th December 2014
Sesquicentenary Alumni Reunion Saturday 13th December 2014
Film Fest: Children’s Film Fest of English, Bengali and Hindi films. January 2015 (Friday 2nd to Saturday 10th)*
Painting & Photo Exhibition: Exhibits of paintings of students, teachers and also famous artists to be displayed in a gallery. February 2015 (Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd)*
Sesquicentennial Memorial Inter-school Competitions at the International Level  
Hockey-Bishop Westcott Memorial Trophy December 2015
Debate- Revd. Cashmore Memorial Trophy December 2014 (Sat. 20th)*
Dramatics- Bishop Lefroy Memorial Trophy September 2015
Football- Bishop Copleston Memorial Trophy Aug. 2015
Cricket- Bishop Cotton Memorial Trophy December 2014 (Saturday 6th to Monday 15th)*
Quiz- Bishop Aurobindo Mukherjee Memorial Trophy August 2014 (Fri. 29th)*
Swimming – Bishop Amritanand Memorial Trophy 14th August 2015
Basketball – Bishop Lakdasa DeMel Memorial Trophy May 2015
Drawing Competition – in Nov. 2014 City level  
Revd. Cashmore Lecture on World Peace- Dec. 2014  
Special Bible Fest  
Cultural Programme  
Staff & Pupils of St. James’ – to coincide with Secular Inauguration. November – December 2014
Professionals: Preetam Nite – Ms. Usha Uthup, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Mr. Bertie DaSilva- Amyt Dutt, Nondon Bagchi, 
Shane Hyrapiet, Calcutta School of Music, Oxford Mission, Mr. Anup Biswas, Mr. Debashis Chaudhury etc.
February, 2015 (Sat. 1st)*
Release of Commemorative Stamp / First-Day Cover by India Post Friday 25th July 2014
Special Social Service Activities. over the entire year
Major Musical- SMIKE Revisited in Jazz 21st to 24th November 2013 (Over)
Release of Special Sesquicentenary edition of JACOBEAN 25th July 2014. Festschrift 22nd November 2015
Release of Special Book (History) on St. James School. Appointment of a historian to be announced
Souvenirs- Cups/Mugs, Bags, Tee-shirts, Blazers, Ties Caps, Wrapping paper, Calendars, Posters, Plaques, Plates, Key chains Statuettes etc. Between July 2014 and December 2015
Upgrading EKTA to Class XII. Work started. First Batch May 2014
Instituting Scholarships for approx. 10% of the students coming from ‘economically challenged’  
Development of Infrastructure  
Junior School Block – (construction soon to commence)  
Swimming Pool – completed  
Gymnasium – completed  
Games Room – completed  
A.V. Room  
Solar Energy  
Language, Maths Labs.  
Sick room  
Felicitation of all living & retired Board Members(including former Bishops)- Nov 2014 (Saturday 22nd)*
Felicitation of three former Principals / Vice Principals/ Junior Heads / Section Coordinators all retired & living staff members. – in the Secular Inauguration Nov 2014 (Saturday 22nd)*
Old Boys Lunch on Saturday – After the debate. December 2014 (Thursday 20th)
Staff Trip to be announced
Opening Alumni Chapters in the U.K., U.S. of A., Dubai, Singapore etc. Between August 2014 and October 2015
Closing Ceremony – Chief Guest Prime Minister of India December 2015
* Probable Dates and depending upon external factors

Pro Ecclesia Et Pro Patria: 150 years of Service to God and Country

Welcome to St. James', Kolkata

Not much is known about our founding fathers, but this much is certain that it began with a vision - a vision for children who, irrespective of language, creed or colour would grow up in an institution devoid of racial prejudices, would be able to express themselves fearlessly and be taught by teachers totally committed to the cause of sound, all-round, value based education. 

St. James' School was established in 1864. It was inaugurated by the then Most Revd. George Edward Cotton- the Bishop of Calcutta on 25th July 1864. Almost from its inception, reports show that these were years of stress and struggle. In the first twenty years of its existence the school faced intensive financial difficulties and had to be closed in December 1904. According to reports, there was an upsurge of sentiment on the part of parents, well wishers and old boys at the closure of the school. In 1907, with financial assistance from the Church Education League, the school was reopened. 

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153rd Founders Day    
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Principal's Desk

When I joined St. James' School in 2000 I was very impressed with the infrastructure and facilities available, some facilities unique to an institution of repute, some expected in a missionary school in a large city with a history of over almost a century and a half but I also found areas where changes and improvement could be done.

The School Song

Ecclesia et Patria,
We vow again our loyalty,
To mother-church and to our land,
We Jacobeans proudly stand,
Knit by this bond of fealty;
Ecclesia et Patria.

Our Church comes first, Ecclesia,
God’s brotherhood of every race,