Pro Ecclesia Et Pro Patria: 150 years of Service to God and Country

Principals Desk - On Moving Ahead


When I joined St. James' School in 2000 I was very impressed with the infrastructure and facilities available, some facilities unique to an institution of repute, some expected in a missionary school in a large city with a history of over almost a century and a half but I also found areas where changes and improvement could be done. In the last ten years we have seen a lot of addition and modification to the existing structure and amenities, an area where we were behind was in a web-site for our school. Computers were introduced in the school in 1986, and over the years we have constantly upgraded the machines and peripherals along with various programs and applications.


In today's world it is imperative to move with the times and with the advent of the internet the virtual world has assumed a great importance- at times more significant than the real world.

It gives me great pleasure to launch the website for St. James' School. With this we hope to keep our pupils and parents informed on relevant matters as well as to reach out to the world outside. The home page will have a link with the web link of our alumni providing a much needed forum for all the old boys to network with each other. We will make every effort to post important notices and bulletins to inform all about the dynamics of this great institution.

Terence Hamilton Ireland