Pro Ecclesia Et Pro Patria: 150 years of Service to God and Country



St. James’ School is affiliated with the CISCE and administers the ICSE(X) and ISC(XII) examinations.

Junior School

Junior school has the system of grading to judge the students' academics

Each class is under the supervision of a single teacher who teaches all the subjects and interacts with the students for their betterment in academics

Educational field trips once a year to a certain place

Weekly trips to the school library which has a sizable collection of books to satisfy every students needs.

Nursery-Transition: Introduction to alphabets and numbers and extended playtime for the aid of developing the students.

Class-1: Introduction to the study of a vernacular language of the choice of the student. The students choose between Hindi and Bengali. 

Class 2: Introduction of General Science and practical analysis of the trees in the school compound for better understanding and Environmental education and English literature.

Class 3:Introduction of Social studies as a subject which include History, Civics and Geography

Class 4: The students are given their 1st chance to show their responsibility as the best students from the past 6 years are chosen to be junior school leaders to lead their fellow students.


Middle School(Classes 5-8)

Introduction of the students to half-yearly and annual examinations

Introduction to the concept of separately specialized teachers teaching separate subjects to improve their knowledge and concepts

Class 5-6: Introduction to higher level of study of the subjects already being taught. Higher level of mathematics by bringing distinction between arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Introduction of 3rd language.

Class 7: Introduction of physics, chemistry and biology as separate subjects. Weekly visits to the Science Labs for practical demonstrations are scheduled.

Class 8:Students who have excelled in academics as well as extracurricular activities are given the chance to be middle school leaders to lead their juniors.


Senior School(Classes 9-12)

Seminars, Presentations, Workshops and counselling are organised for enriching the skill sets of the students.  

3rd Language classes end

Class 9: Students choose either the Science or Commerce stream. English, 2nd Language(Vernacular), History Civics and Geography and Mathematics are compulsory Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology) is offered to the Science students along with Computer Applications, Economic Applications, Art and Physical Education (any one as the sixth subject).

For the Commerce section- Commercial Studies, Economic Applications, Physical Education, Art(any one to be chosen).


Class 9-12: Weekly trips to the lab for practical experiments with practical examinations.

Class 10: Students have their 1st Board examination. The school gives 2 pre-board examinations for students to improve on their academics before their examination

Class 11: 

Science students other than English which is compulsory, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and any one of the following


    Computer Science 


Commerce Students settle for Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Physical Education, Art, Mathematics or Business Studies.


Class 12:Students who have worked for the school for the past years in the field of academics as well as sports are given the chance to be prefects and they have the highest powers assigned to students. Preparations for the I.S.C. examinations in the last year of their school life.



St. James’ School has one of the largest playgrounds among Schools in Kolkata.

St. James’ School has a covered regulation size basketball court

St. James’ School holds its Annual Athletic Meet where students participate and win medals and certificates for their performance. Junior School has their sports on a different day.




Junior School Events(Each class has different events):

Flat race

Fancy race(different for each class and depends upon the teachers for the theme of the race)

Tug Of War(Only for class 4)

Middle and Senior School(The events are dependent on the age of the participant):The participants represent their respective Houses-Red: Westcott, Blue: Lefroy, Green: Cotton, Yellow: Copleston.

75m sprint

100m sprint

200m sprint

400m sprint

800m run

1500m run

Relay(inter-house) 4x100

Relay (Inter house) Medley

Long jump

Broad jump

High jump

Javelin throw

Short put


Tug Of War


We also boast of having one of the following in which any talented student can join:

Cricket Team

Football Team

Hockey Team

Tennis Team

Rugby Team

Rowing Team

Basketball Team

Swimming Team

Gymnasium Team



St. James’ School is known for its fests including Jacosynthesis and JacoMUN which occur annually.

St. James’ School also has vernacular inter-school festivals, JacoJosh- in Hindi, JacoSanskriti- in Bengali.

Elocution-English, Hindi , Bengali

Debate- English, Hindi , Bengali

School Rock Band

School Dance Team

Quiz-Interclass and inter-school

Chess Team

Drama Team- arranges plays once a year



These are managed by students and presided over by respective teachers. These clubs hold meetings every week where each member must attend:

Interact Club

Quizobean- Quiz Club

Drama Club

Debating Society

Science Club

Math Club

Space Club

Follow this link for more details: Activities



At present there are two blocks- Junior School building with the School Hall and Annexe and the Main building where the Middle & Senior School are housed.

Large grassy field 

Shaded basketball court

Playground for junior school children including swings, jungle gym etc.

Large hall for morning assemblies

Library with huge collection of books

Air-conditioned computer room with 40 modern standard computers with internet access

Labs-Physics, Chemistry ,Biology with up to date equipment.






The Computers and I.T. Facility

The St. James’ School Information Technology Centre, sponsored by I.T.C. was inaugurated by The Bishop of Calcutta, The Rt. Revd. (Dr.) D.C. Gorai on 18th December 1997.

St. James’ believes in the introduction of computers to students right from the very beginning. Students of classes III through VIII are provided elementary knowledge of applications like word-processors, spreadsheet editors, power-point presentations etc. in Multimedia.

For students who opt for computers in class IX through XII, the school offers Java as a programming language, as per the regulations of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations. Classes IX and X have Computer Applications as a sixth subject, while XI’s and XII’s undertake Computer Science.




A State of the Art Sports Facility was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the school and Mr. Sultan Ahmed, M.P. as Chief Guest on the 14th of August' 2012. It comprises of a Baby Pool, A Main Pool of 4 Lanes and 25m in length, a Gymnasium and a Sports Room. The Swimming Pool have the latest Filtration Plants installed.